Sunday, 13 May 2007

Early Day Motion 58 - Climate Change

EDM 58


Ainsworth, Peter

That this House believes that climate change is a serious environmental, economic and social challenge which requires urgent action; believes that the United Kingdom's ability to take a global lead on the issue is compromised by the fact that domestic emissions of carbon dioxide have been rising; therefore urges the Government to introduce a Climate Change Bill to establish an independent commission to monitor the scientific evidence and set annual rolling targets towards cutting carbon emissions by at least 60 per cent. by 2050; and further believes that the Bill should require the Government to report to both Houses of Parliament each year on progress seeking their approval for any additional measures needed to combat climate change.

Signatures( 111)


Ainsworth, Peter
Paice, James
Wiggin, Bill
Barker, Gregory
Rosindell, Andrew
Goodwill, Robert
Penning, Mike
Spink, Bob
Hermon, Sylvia
Loughton, Tim
Moss, Malcolm
Burns, Simon
Evans, Nigel
Evennett, David
Garnier, Edward
Baldry, Tony
Watkinson, Angela
Horam, John
Fabricant, Michael
Hancock, Mike
Bottomley, Peter
Holloway, Adam
Kawczynski, Daniel
Selous, Andrew
Soames, Nicholas
Key, Robert
Lidington, David
Llwyd, Elfyn
Conway, Derek
Fraser, Christopher
Gillan, Cheryl
Streeter, Gary
Willetts, David
Lancaster, Mark
Main, Anne
Robinson, Iris
Simpson, David
McDonnell, Alasdair
Murrison, Andrew
O'Brien, Stephen
Ancram, Michael
Milton, Anne
Vaizey, Edward
Jenkins, Brian
Laing, Eleanor
Davey, Edward
Flynn, Paul
Atkinson, Peter
Brokenshire, James
Luff, Peter
McGrady, Eddie
Dunne, Philip
Spicer, Michael
Davies, Quentin
Waterson, Nigel
Duddridge, James
Hunter, Mark
Hendry, Charles
Butterfill, John
Goodman, Paul
Vis, Rudi
Swinson, Jo
Pickles, Eric
Simpson, Alan
McIntosh, Anne
Mundell, David
MacKay, Andrew
Clappison, James
Fallon, Michael
Pelling, Andrew
Heald, Oliver
Mates, Michael
Mercer, Patrick
Brazier, Julian
Djanogly, Jonathan
Swayne, Desmond
Viggers, Peter
Yeo, Tim
Benyon, Richard
Hammond, Stephen
Jackson, Stewart
Simpson, Keith
Arbuthnot, James
Bercow, John
Swire, Hugo
Stuart, Graham
Prisk, Mark
Green, Damian
Hammond, Philip
Shepherd, Richard
Burt, Alistair
Wallace, Ben
Gove, Michael
Spelman, Caroline
Letwin, Oliver
Fox, Liam
Walter, Robert
Shapps, Grant
Wright, Jeremy
Campbell, Gregory
Duncan, Alan
Miller, Maria
Ottaway, Richard
Gray, James
Ruffley, David
Grieve, Dominic
Leech, John
May, Theresa
Baron, John
Berry, Roger
Rowen, Paul

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