Sunday, 13 May 2007

Early Day Motion 137 - Climate Change (No.2)

EDM 137


Morley, Elliot

That this House believes that climate change is the most serious long-term threat requiring co-ordinated action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at global, European and domestic levels; welcomes the Government's commitment to introduce a climate change bill in this session to strengthen the UK's efforts to tackle this crucial issue, putting into legislation a long-term target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and establishinga framework and new enabling powers for achieving this; welcomes consideration of credible and effective targets, annual reporting and an independent body, the Carbon Committee, to work with the Government to reduce emissions as part of a comprehensive programme including carbon markets, regulation, planning, incentives and fiscal measures which will lead to carbon budgeting and a low carbon economy; and looks forward to an open and inclusive debate on the Government's detailed proposals in early 2007 based on effective outcomes rather than political gestures.

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